Week Commencing 22nd August 2016.

Hopefully I will get the date in the title correct this week, not sure what happened last week, but what did surprise me was I went back to July rather than forward to September.


Last week’s forecast was a little optimistic, the weather conditions were still a little bright and the rain failed to materialise. This week’s forecast is pretty similar, some rain today; followed by sunshine at the start of the week with some rain towards the weekend. The river is as low as I can remember it all year. At least the tide predictions are always accurate, the tides are building all week.


When I was out and about I realised I had not seen any Sandpipers for a while, the same with the Swifts but it is much harder to tell if something has left or whether you just have not seen any. It will not be long before the geese are migrating.


Catches: Let me begin by saying the river is absolutely stuffed with fish, which bodes well for the spawning season, but it does not help trying to catch them.

Gordon Castle landed close to forty and I was pleased to receive this photograph of Jamie Farr from Jenifer in the office.

Jamie Farr Gordon Castle

Jamie Farr Gordon Castle

Delfur were again in the mid twenties and as usual Mark and Rory sent me pictures.

Head Gillie Mark, Delfur

Head Gillie Mark, Delfur

Kimberly Pickup Delfur

Kimberly Pickup Delfur.

Nikki Douetil,Delfur

Nikki Douetil,Delfur

Amanda Pickup Delfur

Joanna Pickup Delfur

Alex Pickup Delfur

Alex Pickup Delfur

Easter Elchies and Craigellachie caught a few more.

Henry Spence had both Carron and Laggan this week, as usual Henry and his guests were generous in supplying me with pictures. Henry said, “We ended with 13 thanks to Mike and Ian’s superb efforts. Five were “first” fish and another four “second” fish. In total eleven different people caught fish. Most fish were caught on size 12 Silver Stoats or Executioners. As always an excellent week on the Spey.”

Jamie Cook Carron and Laggan

Jamie Cook Carron and Laggan


Rosie Pitts-Truckers with here first fish, the first of many we hope!

Rosie Pitts-Trucker with her first fish, the first of many we hope!


Freddie Pitts Carron and Laggan

Freddie Pitts Carron and Laggan.

Safely in the net

Safely in the net

Maddie Spence Carron Laggan

Maddie Spence Carron and  Laggan

Lizzie Green Carron and Laggan

Lizzie Green Carron and Laggan(1st Fish)

Jemima Spence Caron and Laggan

Jemima Spence Caron and Laggan.


Grantown continued to pick away but need a lift in the water.



Authored by: Malcolm Newbould

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