Week Commencing 21st March 2011

Unfortunately I was correct last week and the snow melt caused the river to rise on Monday and continue to rise till Tuesday evening, the first half of the week was effectively a write off. Later in the week conditions were much better and some fish were caught.

The river is currently sitting around the two foot mark. The tides are building all week and I am optimistic some more fish will be running the river. The forecast is for a little light rain today with it staying mainly dry till at least Wednesday when there may be some rain to the south of the catchment.

On Wednesday afternoon a few of the high water pools were fishable and local angler Tony Smith caught this one from Orton, sealiced and estimated at ten pounds.

Upstream at Delfur, Colin Jones’ party, new to the beat found the high water challenging but Peter Dernie  proved to be the man of the moment with three out of the four fish caught including this one which he hooked in Twa Stanes and landed in Beaufort, he said it was one of his most memorable fights.

Mike Ewan tells me they had four fish landed at Rothes and two more lost. Ian Henderson Emailed this picture of the fish he had last week at Arndilly.

Upstream Aberlour Angling Club managed at least two and over the water your humble correspondent had two on Thursday.

I understand Delagyle had at least one. Carron managed three including one at seventeen pounds and my slightly unreliable reporter tells me Laggan had none, but as he told me they had one last week when they had none, who knows. Again information is scarce from further up the river but I believe most of the major beats have had fish. Can I take this opportunity to remind anglers that is not compulsory to kill their second fish and that large three sea winter fish will help the genetics of the river.

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