Week Commencing 20th May 2019.

Will the people praying for rain, please stop, we have had enough! As foreseen by Lower Pitchroy ghillie Andrew Hall, May has been the wettest month in Spey-side since November 2017! This year, so far, there has already been 385 mm, more than the five year average for the first five months of the year (307mm). Last week there was 58mm, on Monday and Tuesday. Looking at the forecast there is more heavy rain tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday, the rest is just showers!


The tides start to build again on Wednesday.


There have been a couple of fin-clipped fish caught this week, one from Craigellachie and the other from Carron. There has also been another re-capture, the fish was originally caught at Craigellachie on the 26thApril and again at Ballindalloch this week.

Carron fin clipped


Catches, I am pleased to able report catches from Abernethy to the sea.


Gordon Castle, Ian Tennant tells me they had five for the week, the best at 15lb. There was also a few sea trout caught.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Deans, Gordon Castle.

Deans second of the day Gordon Castle.

Orton, Couple of pictures from Orton.


Richard Hold Orton


Delfur were in the mid teens, thanks to Mark and his guests for the photographs.

Charlotte Mountain Delfur.

Henry Mountain Delfur.

Camilla Mountain Delfur.

Camilla again Delfur.

Christian Ward-Thomas Delfur.

Nick Pownall Delfur


Rothes, Mike tells me thety were also in the mid teens.


Arndilly, Euan tells me “ eleven fish for the week and three sea trout. Star of the show was Mrs Kathleen Duncan with five salmon and an 11lb sea trout. Richard O’Hare had two for his three days. Martial Bailley had the biggest of the week at 13lb. Jim Cruikshank had a fish from the Bulwark and a 6lb sea trout from the Cobble Pot. Mr Lochy Porter and son had a fish a piece on Friday. Although there is no significant build up of sea trout but the ones being caught are much larger than normal.”

Richard O’Hare Arndilly.

Richard O’ Hare Arndilly

Lochy Porter Arndilly.

Lew Porter Arndilly.

Mrs Duncan’s fish Arndilly.

Mrs Duncan’s fish Arndilly.

Mrs Duncan’s fish Arndilly.

Mrs Duncan’s fish Arndilly.

Jim Cruickshank sea trout Arndilly.

Jim Cruickshank Arndilly

Blair’s sea trout Arndilly.


Aberlour had three for the week, two for Stuart Wilson and the one pictured for Kenny Davies.

Kenny Davies fish Aberlour.


Kinermony had three and the guests also had a couple of days at Delagyle and had a couple from there.



Wester Elchies had at least eight with almost a many lost!

Carron managed three.

Dan Adams Carron

Dan Adams 2nd fish Carron.

Castle Grant, Lionel sent me the following.

Castle Grant Beat 1. had the Danny Assolari party fishing they had three salmon and a seatrout.

Danny Assolari Castle Grant 1.

Jim with his 11lb salmon he caught another of 8lb and a 81/2 lb sea trout all in the same day.

Castle Grant 2 James Jackson’s party was fishing Beat 2 .

James Jackson tail end of No2 Burn.

John Muter Castle Grant 2

John Muter with another salmon, he had a 16lb fish later in the week.

Prue Jackson Castle Grant 2


Garry Grant from the Abernethy, Aviemore Angling and Improvement Association tells me,

“The week started slowly producing a single salmon, Tuesday the water started to rise and thankfully fish started to get caught despite how lightly the river was fished. One sea trout around the 5lb mark was landed and two salmon on Wednesday. Three salmon, Thursday and a further three salmon were landed the best a 15lb hen fish Friday. With the water rising again I expect next week to produce more fish.”



If you are fishing the Spey, or even other rivers, please keep an eye out for adult salmon bearing tags. The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Gillies are running a salmon tagging project to:
– Determine the re-capture rate of released salmon
– Provide information on the movements of rod caught salmon

Gillies along the river have been provided with tags, tagging equipment and training. Tagged fish could be recaptured anywhere in the river, even in other rivers, so we are asking all anglers to look out for fish carrying “Floy” tags next to the dorsal fin. Floy tags are vinyl coated, available in different colours and individually numbered.

What are we asking anglers to do if they catch a tagged fish?

-Take a note of the Floy tag colour and number (take good photo if possible)
– Carefully release the fish, with tag still in place
– Contact the Spey Fishery Board by Telephone number on tag or via the contact details below
– Anglers reporting a tagged fish will receive details of the fish including original tagging place and date, as well as any other information available
– A full report on the tagging study will be published at the end of the season, including details of all fish

and remember to also check to make sure if it has been fin-clipped.


Fin clipped fish.

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