Week Commencing 20th June 2011

It has been another good week on Speyside, but my weather forecasting skills seem to have left me, but I will have another stab for this coming week. Last week the forecast showers were somewhat heavier and more frequent than predicted, the river rose quite quickly and was almost unfishable for about twenty four hours. I predict showers at the start of the week, with some sunshine and higher temperatures as the week progresses. The tides are building all week, and hopefully the good runs of fish will continue.

Catches; I fished the Gordon Castle water with Mr. Dave Sadowski, it was not the best week to be on the Lower River as the lift in water levels encouraged the fish to run quickly up river. We managed to land five with as many lost. Both Mr. Sadowski and I were surprised to discover there are some later weeks available, please contact the Estate Office for more details. (See last minute availability for details.)

Delfur had another excellent week with over sixty salmon landed. Rothes had thirty-two and I hear the beats above also did well. Craigellachie had eight and around the same number of seatrout, for a change I received a picture of Annie Henderson rather than her husband Iain, much better looking, but I suggest she change milliners!

Wester Elchies had a surprisingly quiet week with only six landed, very disappointing. Carron was the place of miracles, on Wednesday whilst the river was still rising with all the associated debris floating past Dr Andrew Czaykowski hooked and landed his first ever salmon weighing sixteen and a half pounds, the fish was hooked on a floating line and a size 8 Cascade.

Later in the week Andrew Whelan had almost to be carried to the Carron Pool as his knee was so painful, but two salmon later he skipped back to the hut to report his success. Even I managed to catch a fish late on Saturday evening, taking the total for the James Chalmers’ party to thirty.  Judging by the long tailed sealice it was one of the ones that swam past me at Gordon Castle on Saturday morning!

The Outhwaith party fishing Knockando,Phones Beat had fourteen including a “first fish” for daughter Jackie and her boyfriend Andrew. Martin Williams sent me this report from a couple of weeks ago when he was fishing Castle Grant 3, “This fish was taken at 16.30 on 6th June from The Pollowick Sluggen (CG Beat 3) size 10 Cascade Unfortunately I was on the right bank & therefore my fishing partner could not get across to assist take a better photo.

As you can see it was a hen and was slightly coloured so I was keen to return it, which I did. However, I marked it on my rod & subsequently measured it at 42.5 inches. We then did an exercise of measuring the rod handle, real size & then from the photo to establish a ratio/scale which we then applied to the fish in the photo. This method returned a measurement of 42.25 inches. Depending on which table you look at this seems to make it somewhere between 28 & 32lbs. We’ve split the difference & put it in the book at 30lb.”

Grantown has had a good week with the higher water suiting them, twenty six fish have been landed including a fish of twenty pounds from the Lurg Pool, seatrout catches are up to around fifty including one of about six pounds.

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