Week Commencing 20th February 2012

It has been a more difficult week on Speyside, the river levels have been more unsettled and towards the end of the week the wind has been really strong. Hopefully the high tides of this week end will have encouraged a few more fish to creep into the river.

I hear on “Facebook” that there has been another fish from the Gordon Castle beats, a fourteen pounder from Lower Ewe on Beat 3. I hear through more old fashioned channels that Orton have had their first of the season. Delfur was quieter than last week, but James Milne had a lovely fish of fifteen pounds from Broom on Saturday. The Gordon group had a couple of fish from Rothes.

Upstream I hear Craigellachie have had their second and Kinermony gillie Jock Royan had Kinermony’s first on Saturday.

I still have heard of nothing fresh above Laggan.

Life used to be easy, you went out and caught a fish, if you thought it was fresh you knocked it on the head and took it back to the hut, if you got it wrong it would disappear down the nearest rabbit hole and the gillie would have a discreet word in your ear, now thousands of people pour over photographs on the internet and express their expert opinion, not fresh definitely a baggot, rawner, kelt, second spawner, whatever. I’m not surprised no one is keen to send me any photographs, so many experts who have yet to cast a line!

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