Week Commencing 1st May 2017

Last week’s weather forecast was a little wide of the mark, the sun shone all week and the temperatures reached high teens although the east wind could still have a sharp edge to it. Once the sun set temperatures plummeted making evening fishing not that productive, in other words a hard week with probably the worst conditions for salmon fishing. This coming week things might be a little kinder, the wind ought to back to the west, perhaps veering back east later in the week. Temperatures ought to remain in the mid-teens though still cold at nights. The tides are building and there will be new water all week.


Eventually my blue tit has laid her first egg on Friday night into Saturday morning, I think she will lay a new egg every night till her clutch is complete sometime next week. The mallards seem to have plenty ducklings on the river.

Blue Tit egg.

Delfur Ducks, not quite in a line!


Catches. Even in these harsh conditions the river fished reasonably well.

Gordon Castle finished in the mid twenties. Many thanks to Johnny Gray and Ian Tennant and his team for the photographs.

Tom Ashton Gordon Castle 1st fish

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle

Colin McHardy Gordon Castle

David Barker (Coco) Gordon Castle.


Delfur finished with seventeen, many thanks to Mark Melville and his guests for the pictures.

Malcolm Newbould Delfur.

Mike Broady’s Fish Delfur.

Dave Sadowski Delfur.

Willie Mair Delfur

Charles Harman Delfur.

Graham Ritchie Delfur


Rothes, Henry Spence’s party started the week in style with ten on Monday and continued in a similar style to finish the week with twenty five. Thanks to Henry and his party for the updates and pictures. I hear Arndilly also had somewhere in the high teens. ( I am not responsible for the beheadings at Rothes.)

Henry Spence’s Fish Rothes

Edward Rowell Rothes

Edward Rowell’s fish Rothes

Edward Rowell’s fish Rothes

CharlesPitts-Tucker Rothes

Andy Pitts-Tucker Rothes


Craigellachie continued to pick away with four fish.

Kinermony was fished by the Gordon Angling Club who landed three.

Kevin James Kinermony.


Aberlour had the same,


Jim Seivwright Aberlour Angling Club.

Wester Elchies had a better week with eight landed.

Soren Juel Wester Elchies.

Laggan had nine but Carron could only manage three.

Chris Davies sent me his usual report from Castle Grant, just missing last weeks deadline. “We had a fantastic time on the river and it was great to see a good number of fish in the pools for this time of year. It was only bettered by catching a few of them! We had sport with Salmon, Sewin and Brownies – all in superb condition.   All the nature in the Spey Valley seems to come alive at this time of the year and watching the Goldeneyes displaying outside Lionel’s hut was almost as good as catching fish (but only almost)! Even the 4” of snow on the ground on Tuesday didn’t spoil our week; it’s such a peaceful beat with hardly any noise at all.  Hope this week’s tenants have just as much sport and enjoyment as we did.”

I understand that Grantown are continuing to catch fish but like most of the upper beats could do with a rise of water. Two fish were caught from Dulnain Mouth.


There has been a little discussion of late about photographs of fish and some want all photos taken under the water, would you be happy with this as your trophy shot after your weeks fishing?

Underwater Picture.




There are 4 comments for this article
  1. Alan Robinson at 11:53 am

    Hi all,
    Great to see the river fishing well. I have no problem with people taking a picture and the fish is returned safely. The right way to do it when the fish is netted leave it in the water to recover then after a minute or so take your picture. Tight lines to you all

  2. David Barker at 11:50 am

    Great report Malcolm, had a fantastic three days on the Brae Water. Can’t ask for more, a fish and a tan..

  3. Bryan Herbert at 5:00 pm

    I do wish some people would get off the moral high ground, as long as the fish is handled correctly I see no problem with having a photo of your fish momentarily out of the water. I believe salmon and seatrout are a lot tougher than some make out as we are seeing more fish with predation marks on them, some even with open wounds showing signs of healing. We are on a slippery slope, first it was voluntary catch and release (which I fully support) then some rivers are now compulsory catch and release, now some want no photos out of the water. What is next just fishing for the initial take with no hooks? I could see the argument if the evidence showed that a large proportion of fish caught died after the photo.

    • Rob Finney at 8:25 pm

      I totally agree. One should not feel guilty about a photo to prolong the memory. As long as the fish is unhooked in the net and lifted carefully no harm seems to come to the fish, Of all the time I have fished on the Spey I haven’t seen one dead fish after being returned.


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