Week Commencing 1st June 2020.

Well the weeks are getting longer this fishing week had five days in it, Saturday the river was big, rising and coloured. Friday was a wet day, not pleasant but having missed so many days this year it was still good to be out fishing. Next weeks forecast is to be cold for the time of year with temperatures staying close to double figures, it will be generally overcast with some rain on Tuesday night. There may be a bit more sunshine towards the weekend. The tides have peaked but this recent lift in the water coupled with the Spring tides ought to have taken plenty of fish into the river.


Catches. Considering the river is being lightly fished by locals the catches are pretty good.

Gordon Castle Beats had twenty-four. Ronnie Fraser said he was seeing fish crossing the gravel bar most of the day he was there.

Ronnie Fraser’s fish Brae.


He also fished Orton getting five fish from there. I believe there is some availability there but contact the Estate Office as usual.

Ronnie Fraser’s fish Orton.


Rothes was also lightly fished but finished with fourteen.

Peter Graham Rothes.

Needing a haircut and about 6 weeks to go.


Craigellachie had a couple of fin-clipped fish amongst the twenty odd fish they landed.

Fin clipped fish from Craigellachie.

Another fin clipped fish from Craigellachie.


Aberlour Angling Club continued to catch fish, Bruce Cameron had another two and Jim Sivewright and Kevin James also had fish. The lift in the water should suit them next week.


Kinermony had eight for the week. Davey tells me they were lightly fished and have plenty of availability for the next two weeks at £90/rod/day.








Wester Elchies ended with eight as well.


Carron had a good week with around a dozen landed. Miss Fiona Brodie had her first on Monday, followed swiftly by a second on Wednesday.

Fiona Brodie Carron, 1st fish.

Ian Borthwick Carron.

Fiona’s second fish Carron.

Neil Borthwick Carron.


I was pleased to hear from Euan at Knockando, they landed almost a dozen and as with the rest of the river were very lightly fished. Please contact the Estate office for availability.





Ian Gordon Knockando.





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