Week Commencing 1st April 2019

Well it was definitely a week of two halves, the start of the week the river was dropping away nicely, but then the snow and rain on Tuesday night and the subsequent thaw pushed up the river and made fishing difficult if it was even possible. The beats below Craigellachie seemed more affected by the turbidity.

Snow melt run off

The forecast for the coming week is for some sunshine most of the week but the easterly airstream will keep temperatures down. There is no rain forecast. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till next week.

On Monday I was out on the river and was joined by some sand martins, later in the week some house martins arrived. I have heard third or fourth hand that an osprey has been seen. I would guess the sand pipers should be here this week.

Catches: with some days lost to high water and discoloured water the catches are not a good as I hoped they would have been.

Ian Tennant tells me they had another salmon and a 3lb sea trout. He is more hopeful for next week as he has more anglers out.

Gordon Castle

Delfur started the week well, Wilson Philips hooked and landed a fish from the Bridge pool within three casts. Unfortunately Delfur was one of the beats most badly affected by the high water.

Wilson Philips Delfur.

Ray O Dwyer Delfur


Rothes also had a couple, Grant Turtle had one early in the week from Junction fishing on his own. Later in the week David Morgan had this nice fish from Junction this time assisted by Robbie.

David Morgan Rothes


Arndilly. Ian Ogden’s party finished the week with twelve, Ian himself had half the bag, the best a 12lb fish from the right bank of Soo. Gerry Kelly had two on Moday and the same again on Tuesday. Malcolm Dutchman- Smith had the best a 16lb fish from Jock’s Tail. Terje Skalstad had a 10lb fish from the Tail of the Long Pool.

Ian Ogden Arndilly

Gerry Kelly Arndilly

Gerry Kelly Arndilly

Malcolm Dutchman Smith Arndilly.

Arndilly tagging

Blair showing the way.

Gerry Kelly Arndilly.


Aberlour Ken Davies tells me there were five landed, Ken, Stuart Wilson, Jim Seivwright, Ally Miller and Ian Morrison. Ken was responsible for the picture, please don’t blame me for over cropping!

Ken Davies fish Aberlour

Kinermony ended the week with four, again all caught at the start of the week.

Michael Rhoden Kinermony

Alan Curry Kinermony

Wester Elchies had a couple and this large sea trout.

Damon Roe Wester Elchies.

Derek Wiseman Wester Elchies.

Carron Frank M Hansen’s party of Norwegians finished with four and another large sea trout.

Frank Hansen

Frank Hansen Carron.

Stig Engstron Carron

Sea Trout Carron

Laggan had the fish of the week if not the month. Paddy Paton had this fish measured at 43 inches from Dalmunich on Saturday. His wife Celia had her first fish earlier in the week from Delchappel.

Paddy Paton Laggan 43″

Celia Paton Laggan

Mel Mcdonald sent me these pictures from Tulchan where he had an excellent day on Saturday with a party of friends from one of the Internet Salmon Forums.

Dave MacDonald Tulchan

Mel Mcdonald Tulchan.

Kenny Carr Tulchan.

Lionel Main sent me this picture of Stuart Martin Castle Grant 2

Stuart Martin Castle Grant 2

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