Week commencing 19th September 2016.

Well the season stutters to a close, and next week I will have my first Sunday off eight months! It has been getting harder and harder to keep the reports fresh and exciting. Over the last few weeks I have seen skeins of geese coming into Scotland for the winter. Probably telling us it is a time to put away the rods and get the guns ready.


Last week’s weather was fairly accurate; there was a little rain high up in the catchment which has given the river a little rise, the river is up just over 6” in Aberlour, hopefully it might give the fish a stir up. Next week’s weather is not much different than the last few weeks, days of sunshine, with perhaps some rain midweek. The tides are building till the end of the season.



Catches: there have been some. The Gordon Brae beats finished with just under thirty, the end of the week being the best.

Again Delfur fell just short of double figures.

Rothes had a couple.

I hear that they had a fresh fish at Easter Elchies!

Grantown finished with four this week but perhaps the lift in the water might bring a few more in before the season finishes.

That’s about it

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  1. David Milne at 7:15 pm

    Many thanks for your reports throughout the season; I have found them both helpful and informative. Keep up the good work!

  2. Speyfisher at 8:49 pm

    Many thanks for your reports both on this web site and particularly in Trout and Salmon magazine in which the Spey writings are very much a cut above those that have appeared over the past few years. Two points of curiosity though: Why is there such a lack of cohesion amongst Spey ghillies (and their employers) in the broadcasting of news about our lovely river and what the hell do you mean when you report “there’ll be no more water this week”? I have extensive personal experience of listening to salmon running in from the sea with the river so low you can hear them as they run up over the pebbles with their backs completely out of the water. But ‘no more water’?

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 9:10 pm

      Thank you for your kind words, I do my best.
      In reply to your first point, I have no idea, but it has improved over the years since I first started writing a weekly report. Hopefully more and more proprietors will realise the benefits in telling the world what a beautiful and productive river the Spey is.
      In reply to your second point what I actually write is “there will be no new water this week.” Which is a term the netsmen used to describe the tides building i.e. as the tides moved from neaps to springs the high tide came further and further up the beach, new water, conversely as the tides go back there is no new water.

  3. Dave Sadowski at 8:19 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to write the reports Malcolm, it’s great to be able to keep up to date with the news from Speyside every Sunday during the season.

    Enjoy the break, February will soon come round!

  4. Dinty leach at 9:29 pm

    Thank you for another season of reports. I’m already looking forward to next summer.

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