Week Commencing 19th September 2011

There is some rain forecast for the middle of the week following a spell of bright weather at the weekend, as I type this on Saturday the combine harvesters are going flat out in the fields. The tides are building now till the end of the season. This week’s report is earlier than usual as I’m away to Sweden in search of giant seatrout on the River Emm, I’m not at all sure what I have let myself in for as the fishing appears to take place outside my usual gentleman’s hours.

Catches: There appears to be a mixture of fish in the river ranging from fresh grilse to big cock fish in their autumnal finery. With only five days to go I thought I would finish with a picturesque report!

Grantown had another big fish and local angler Willie Stirritt landed it from Poll Clach on the fly the fish was estimated at thirty two pounds, I have no other information.

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