Week Commencing 19th August 2013.

For those who have not read the works of John Ashley Cooper the Queen of Scottish rivers is the Lochy, I was asked today how I got on the Dee! Strangely the Spey and the Lochy rise in a similar area and nowadays some Spey water must find its way down the Spean and into the Lochy, anyway the rain in the week gave us a 2 foot rise but seems to have little if any effect on the Spey apart from an inch or two on Thursday along with some turbidity. The forecast for the coming week is not very exciting, with no rain of any significance till the weekend, Monday will be hot and sunny, not really salmon fishing conditions.  The tides have peaked and there will be no new water this week. One of these weeks someone is going to get a big lift in water and have a good week.

Catches: nothing to write home about would be the best description. The Gordon Castle Beats continued to pick away with over sixty landed. Delfur had slightly less, Mark tells me they caught a mixture of fresh grilse and a few older slightly coloured fish.

The rest of the river the least said the better, most beats managed a few fish but nothing to write home about!

An Evening Fish

An Evening Fish

A slightly Coloured Cock Fish.

A slightly Coloured Cock Fish.



Authored by: Malcolm Newbould

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  1. Alan Cummings at 9:25 pm

    How did you do on the Lochy, they had a good week I believe?

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