Week commencing 18th July 2011

Sorry for the delay in this week’s report but as I said last week I was attending the CLA Game Fair. The Speycasting competition was wonderful and was won by Gerard Downie (Team Carron) with a new world record cast of 70.68m metres. After two visits to Oxfordshire in the last month I am reminded why I live on Speyside.

Last week the river was on the high side on Monday with a touch of colour but there appeared to be plenty of fish around. Tuesday was more difficult as the river rose for much of the day. The rest of the week was good with the river falling and clearing. As I write this on Tuesday morning the river is sitting around the six inch mark. There is no significant rain forecast for the rest of the week. The tides are building all week. I hear from the North Rivers that they are starting to catch grilse in numbers so hopefully the grilse run will start to build on the Spey in a week or so.

Catches: Not a lot of news from the top or bottom of the river. Graham Ritchie had a day on Gordon Castle last Saturday; he landed seven to his own rod. I received this photo of Bob with one of Graham’s fish.

Upstream at Delfur things continued as normal this season with around fifty fish landed. Mark tells me that a couple had marks of having close encounters with dolphins and seals.

Upstream at Rothes they had another good week with thirty eight landed including two over twenty pounds. Mike Ewen tells me that most were coloured and there were again very few grilse. Upstream Craigellachie had a better week than of late with Seventeen landed. Peter Kyte sent me a report of his week at the Macallan Beat where they landed ten fish; including a first ever fish for Bumble Taylor, (16) from the Tunnel Pool.

Wester Elchies had a better week than of late with twenty four landed; top rod was Anthony Tinsley with seven.  Sam Langmead lost 3 salmon before landing his first ever salmon from the Delagyle Pool. Henry Dodson left it late landing his first salmon from Pol Shuan, host Anthony had already changed out of his waders but gamely stripped off to his underwear to ensure the fish was landed. (Picture to follow?)

Carron had a good week with twenty seven landed. I have no pictures this week but received a picture of Jeanette Tallis from a couple of weeks ago.

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