Week commencing 18th February 2019.

Well it has been a funny February, the warmest since 1897. The warm weather continues at the start of the week with temperatures remaining in the mid-teens. It begins to cool slightly as the week progresses with perhaps a little rain on Thursday. The tides have peaked and there is no new water till Friday night.

The warm weather is not only affecting humans but the wildlife seems to be a little confused as well. David Brand, Kinermony gillie sent me this picture of a ladybird. The skylarks are busy singing and the wagtails have returned earlier than usual. The oystercatchers seem to have paired off already.

Not only is the air temperature abnormally high for this time of year but not surprisingly the water temperature is also higher than usual. On Friday it was up in the mid forties. I cannot see any reason why the salmon will be held back at all. I am sure if the same angling effort shown on the lower river was duplicated on the upper river beats around Grantown could easily have a February fish.



I have heard of three fish off the river, not surprisingly from the beats that are being fished the hardest.


Delfur had their first of the season on Monday, a fish of around six pound from Hollenbush.

Delfur’s fish from Hollenbush

It was till Saturday till Rothes caught their first, but it was worth the wait. Spey regular graham Ritchie had a 21lb fish from Junction.

No tongues please!

Graham Ritchie Junction Rothes.

Arndilly continued their excellent start with John Smith from Buckie getting a small fish from Bulwark. John is often amongst the fish in February, he caught Arndilly’s first fish last year.

John Smith’s fish Arndilly.


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  1. Bill Goodlad at 10:44 am

    Well done Graham, and in my favourite pool.
    Best wishes to the Gordon Group
    Bill Goodlad

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