Week Commencing 17th February 2014

Well that is the second week of the season finished approximately a day and a half were lost to high water, I’m afraid the third week will be worse. The river at Aberlour is close to four and a half feet and still coming, temperatures in February of 12c are not right.

The temperatures for the coming week remain unseasonably high, close to double figures so I am not optimistic about the first few days of the week at all. The tides are building all week. This warm high water should encourage the fish to run and I will not be surprised if Grantown get a February fish this year on the back of this spate.

Catches, I know it is early in the season but is it too much to ask that I get some news and some pictures? I heard the beat above Rothes had 2 on Monday morning. I was delighted to hear that John Steele’s party had three on Tuesday from Wester Elchies and I was even promised some photographs but they must have got lost somewhere in the world wide web. Willie Roy returned from half a fruitless week on the Lower Dee and had the first of the season from Lower Wester Elchies.

Mike Ewan gave me a strange report this weekend when he told me he had seen as many Golden Eagles as fresh fish, not something I hear often from the Lower Spey.

Graham Ritchie sent me this photo, Graham says his camera requires a better telephoto lens but it will give the internet sceptics something different to discuss rather than that fish looks like a baggot, they can now say that eagle is definitely a buzzard!

Eagle over Rothes.

Eagle over Rothes.

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