Week Commencing 17th April 2017

Last week’s forecast was not that far off the mark, I hope this coming week’s is accurate; there is some rain forecast, rain, lots of heavy rain, around an inch in the first few days! The river certainly needs a flush out. It is also forecast to be cool next week, daytime temperatures will struggle to get much above five degrees during the day and night time temperatures could fall below zero. The wind will have some north in it most of the week but hopefully not too strong. The tides are building till Friday, hopefully the fresh water and building tides should encourage some more fish into the river.

Just as a cold snap is forecast I hear there was a family of mallard ducklings seen at Carron, poor things I hope they survive. No house martens yet!


Catches, again depending where you have been fishing your perception will vary hugely, the middle to top of the river beats are crying out for a lift in the river.

The Lower River is comparatively happy with the lower water slowing the fish down.

I hear the Fochabers’ Angling Club are picking up a few fish and I am pleased to receive a couple of pictures from regulars Alex Robertson and Tony Smith.

Tony Smith Fochabers.

Alex Robertson Fochabers.


The Gordon Castle Beats finished with around a dozen landed. Many thanks to Ian Tennant and his team for supplying me with pictures.

Roy Arris’ fish Beat 3

Graham Ritchie Beat1

Castle Beat


Orton had around ten I hear.


Delfur had a slower week than of late, but still finished with eight landed, two of which were over 20lbs.

Colin Jones’ fish Delfur.

Angus MacRae Delfur. (23lb)

Richard Legge’s fish Delfur (22lb)

George Kavanagh Delfur.


Mike tells me Rothes finished with six landed.


Craigellachie landed four thanks again to a recovering Dougie Ross for the pictures.

Dougie Campbell Craigellachie

Stuart Yates Craigellachie


Wester Elchies also finished with four.


Carron, Delagyle, and Kinermony had a fish apiece.


Grantown also had three fish reported; Jimmy Gentleman had a small fish from Pol Clach on Thursday. There was another larger fish from the same pool on Saturday and a 12lb fish from Pol Scroidan yesterday.


I was pleased to hear reports from Kinchurdy where at least five were landed and I am grateful for a couple of pictures.

Dave Stewart Kinchurdy

Dave Douglas Kinchurdy


I have had some communication recently about fish handling. Can I just take this opportunity to remind anglers to try to keep the fish in the water as much as possible, turn the fish on to its back to reduce struggling, use forceps to unhook your fly. Take a quick photo, and hold the fish in the water till it can swim away strongly.

There are 2 comments for this article
  1. olivier Devictor at 5:43 pm

    Totally agree. We all should have waterproof cameras..

  2. Michael Berry at 8:44 am

    Another excellent report but
    Not all of us are lucky enough or fortunate enough to fish the beats with Gillies on hand to help, aid, assist and photograph and I wouldn’t want it all the time.
    I accept that handling carefully is good practice but come on remember the less fortunate who still do there best when landing, handling fish unaided, taking out of the water for umpteen photographs is just as bad!
    Michael Berry

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