Week Commencing 16th March 20.

Well it has been a better week, some days it was a pleasure to be on the river. Anthony Smith told me he saw a sand martin at Rothes and I saw one myself later in the week at Delfur, about a week early but the south westerly winds have probably helped them arrive. Next week it will be a wee bit warmer with some days into double figures, but it will get cold again by the weekend with some wintery showers. The tides are building till Friday.


Catches. Into double figures for the first time this season.

Gordon Castle had a 15lb fish from Beat 2.

Gordon Castle Beat 2.


Rothes had four, this was the last week at Rothes for the Gordon Group.

Kenny Munro Rothes.

Stuart Yates Rothes.

Long Pool Rothes. 14 lb.


Arndilly went one better with five landed. Euan tells me, Derek Wiseman got us started with a lovely 19lb fish netted and weighed by Blair in the Cobble Pot at 2’ 6” on our gauge, just above the Boss’s bench for those who know it. On Tuesday Rob Main had a 10lb sea liced fish from the top of the Long Pool thankfully his hook hold was better than his hand hold as he dropped it before Blair could get a photo.On Wednesday Matt Newton had a 10lb fish from a similar place in the Long Pool which made up for losing one close to the net on Monday. On Saturday we had two, 9lb for Jake Young at the top of the long Pool and 7lb for John Milne Tail of Cobble Pot.

Derek Wiseman Arndilly.

Jake Young Arndilly.

John Milne Arndilly, not my cropping!


Aberlour Bruce Cameron had two on a Black and Yellow fly.

Bruce Cameron Aberlour Angling Club.

Bruce Cameron’s fish Aberlour Angling Club


Wester Elchies also had two, one for Graham Scargall and the other for Mr Dewar.

Mr Dewar Wester Elchies.

Graham Scargall’s fish Wester Elchies.


Laggan, Elliot Packer had a 7lb fish from Dalmunach on Tuesday.

Elliot Packer Laggan.


Castle Grant, Lionel says, The first fresh fish caught at Castle Grant Beat 2 weighing 9lbs by Tom Price. It was a beauty. Many kelts have moved into the area and a number were caught throughout the week.


The Covid 19 continues to have an effect on fishing effort. Please respect the wishes of the beat gillie and be mindful of social distancing especially in fishing huts.

As you all must know by now, for over-70s and those with underlying health conditions the advice is not to travel for non-essential reasons. Whilst many of you will interpret the word ‘essential’ to include fishing – I think most non-anglers (health authorities, children etc.) might see it differently. Be sensible about coming to the river, please. The fish won’t mind a few weeks rest.

This week I am normally joined by a party of Scandinavians and I will miss their company.






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  1. Warren Gain at 10:50 pm

    Disappointed to hear in these troubled times that there are people still seen fishing the river. As most lets and associations have ceased angling to observe the Governments advice on dealing with the corona virus. I would hope that folk would adhere to this as a course as concern and not use view it as an form of exercise or social distancing. Seeing a person angling on the river sends a poor message to the rest of the public on what is acceptable.

  2. David Sanderson at 9:48 pm

    Dear Sirs,
    We tried our hardest… we made the trip… we were looking forward to isolating up at Arndilly & hand it to them… Ewan & the bosses were all for us having a full week. Sadly Boris’ chat at 8pm on monday persuaded us to do the right thing & we canned the week. We didn’t happen to upon any salmon Monday but we know you are there & good luck to you in your journey to procreate up stream. We look forward to another day when your offspring find their way upstream and we are not haunted by the Coronas.
    All very sad but like the day my mates & I were stopped climbing Ben More Assynt in ’76 by a white out at the top… 40 years later we summited… the Ben is still there & so is Arndilly – it is a dramatic changing scene & we’ll be back to do battle with those silver arrows heading for their breeding grounds.

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