Week Commencing 16th February 2014.

Weather wise it has been a funny old week; the start of the week saw temperatures in the mid-teens, in February, on Speyside! Unsurprisingly there was a great deal of snowmelt and the river rose quickly on from Wednesday lunchtime; Thursday was virtually unfishable with the water height and the turbidity.

Bothy Carron

Bothy Carron

Bothy Carron

Bothy Carron


Friday the river was still high and carrying a surprising amount of sediment. Saturday was a much better fishing height, and temperatures dropped back to freezing. Today there have been little flurries of snow, a funny old week!

The forecast for the coming week is for the daytime temperatures to remain in the low single figures but the strong wind will make it feel colder on exposed beats. The tides have been very high this weekend brought about by an unusual rare planetary alignment, the highest for twenty-five years.

Catches, as expected the week started and finished with a few fish but Thursday and Friday were a dead loss. On Monday Graham Ritchie had the first fish of the season from Delfur, small but perfectly formed. On Tuesday Allan Rennie got the second from again Collie.

Grant Morrison with Graham Ritchie's fish

Grant Morrison with Graham Ritchie’s fish

Upstream Tony Smith started the week with a fish from Creechie estimated at 16lb, he repeated the feat on Wednesday with a slightly smaller fish from the same pool. Bill Lasseter also managed a fish on Monday from Jamieson!

Tony Smith's Monday Fish.

Tony Smith’s Monday Fish.

Tony Smith's Wednesday Fish Rothes

Tony Smith’s Wednesday Fish Rothes

Saturday provided head gillie Ian Tennant with a 15lber from the Lord March pool. Also on Saturday Simon Crozier caught Laggan’s first of the season from the Sands Pool.

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