Week Commencing 16th April.

The forecast was reasonably accurate but the wind on Tuesday was certainly stronger than I had anticipated, it made the fishing difficult and increased the rate of snowmelt which made conditions tricky for the rest of the week. It was really Saturday before the last of the turbidity disappeared, although the fish could see the fly, I am sure the irritation of the sediment through the gills reduced the catches.

Temperatures remain close to double figures, Monday and Tuesday will be dry then there will be some rain everyday till the weekend. Tides, there will be no new water till Wednesday, and then the tides start to build again. Hopefully the river levels will be a little more settled.



I am at last able to report catches from Grantown to the sea!

Gordon Castle finished the week with three fish, not their ideal conditions with high warm water, but maybe it just shows salmon don’t read the books.

Ian Tennant Gordon Castle.

Delfur finished with four, Mark tells me the high dirty water made things difficult after a positive start on Monday.

Dan Greenham Delfur.

Nigel Boyd Delfur.One of his three fish for the week.

Rothes had three the best a 12lb fish to party leader David Saunders. Simon Brook had two on Saturday.

Simon Brook Rothes.

Arndilly had eight for the week, quality and quantity, two at 17lb and another at 22.

Blair Banks with one of two 17lb fish caught by Dr Rodney Owen-Jones.

Craigellachie had a fin clipped fish on Saturday; I hope everyone is still checking their catch before releasing them. The fish were fin clipped by gillies and some proprietors as part of the Tommore Burn project.

Mark Schiavonie Craigellachie.

Fin clipped.

Wester Elchies had another good week with at least 6 landed.

Kinermony had a great start on Monday morning with 2 caught the first run down, but that was it for the week.

Stuart Paton Kinermony

Carron I believe had three, thanks to Mark Taylor for the pictures.



Knockando had at least three but I have no more details, Edwin Whyte as usual, generously, sent me some pictures.

Edwin Whyte’s fish Knockando.

Edwin Whyte Knockando

Grantown after playing hard to get all season started with a wallop, landing at leas six for the week mainly from the Long Pool, though the best fell to John Davies from Pol a Ceanan.

John Davies Pol a Cearan Grantown

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