Week Commencing 15th May 2017.

The weather forecast last week was wrong; the rain that kept being forecast never arrived. A commercial fisherman once told me that the North East of Scotland never gets any decent rain till the easterly wind goes, he must have known much more than the professionals. We did get rain on Saturday, just as the Gordon Castle Highland Games opened their gates the heavens also opened, perhaps Angus could organise his Highland Games earlier next year! Saturday’s rain has pushed up the river; it has gone from depressingly low to low! Next week starts much the same as this week with the continuing easterly air stream, but from mid-week the temperatures shoot up and there is supposed to be some heavy rain at the weekend, promises, promises. The tides are building all week, hopefully the fresh water and the building tides will bring in some new fish and re-distribute the older ones.


Catches, again I am surprised just how good the catches are considering the conditions.

Gordon Castle finished with almost twenty, thanks again to Ian Tennant and his team for keeping me supplied with pictures.

Oystein Hveding Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle

Stephen Slattery Gordon Castle

Stephen Slattery, again  Gordon Castle

I was pleased to receive a report from Orton, David Wood wrote, ” I understand that Orton were comfortably into double figures of sea liced fish for the week. The beat was fished by a combination of the Haggas’ Party from Lincolnshire and local rods. The Haggas’ party who had some elderly and less mobile rods were very grateful for the hard work of gillies Kevin Greenhill and Richard Hold who spent a lot of time in the boat with them to maximise their enjoyment of their fishing and their chances of catching a wonderful Spey springer. The rods reported that they had a very interesting week with Kevin and Richard. It was also great to hear how helpful our local Spey anglers were to the Lincolnshire rods. Much time was spent on the river bank swapping tales and our local anglers, especially Jimmy Jack and Ron Fraser were very helpful in giving the Lincolnshire team successful flies”. I also had some photographs from David and Stuart Yates.

Stuart Yates Orton

Stuart again

David Wood Orton.

Delfur finished with sixteen, starting and ending the week well. I am grateful to Mark Melville and his guests for his photographs.

Anne Cameron Delfur, Anne’s 100th fish.

John Grant Delfur

Allan Rennie Delfur

Ali Pearson Delfur.

Things were a little quieter the further upstream you traveled.

Craigellachie had three thanks to Dougie Ross for the picture.

Graeme Salisbury Craigellachie.

I hear Aberlour had a couple but have no details.

Wester Elchies finished with six; Jonathon Muir was the main man!

Jonathan Muir Wester Elchies

Jonathan Again

and again

Alan Brown Wester Elchies.

You just cannot get a decent photographer when you need one!

I hear both Carron and Laggan had four a piece.

Grantown surprisingly continued to fish reasonably well, Mr. Philip Casy landed a 17 lbs. fish from the Lurg, on Friday. On Saturday, he landed a 10 lbs. sea trout from the same pool. The sea trout fishing continues to improve many thanks to John Gray and Jimmy Mitchel for the information and photo.

John Gray Sea trout Grantown

Kinchurdy had two salmon and at least eight sea trout.

Kinchurdy Sea trout.


My blue tit is still sitting on her seven eggs; her husband keeps popping in with a caterpillar for her, always in and out in a flash difficult to get a picture. It must be a pretty boring job; perhaps I should install Satellite TV for her next year. Hopefully by next week the eggs will have started to hatch and the parents will be busy feeding them.



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