Week Commencing 15th February 2016

The forecast is a bit of a mixture, Monday will probably be the best day of the week with temperatures reaching 6C, and there might be a few showers of rain. As the week progresses temperatures will fall and there could be snow even down to lower levels. By the end of the week temperatures will struggle to clear zero. On a positive note the winds are light!

The tides are big all week, starting to go back towards the weekend.

It has not been an easy week to report on. Most of the fish caught have been from Beats which are reluctant to give me information, so unfortunately there are no photographs.

Gordon Castle had their first fish of the season on Saturday. I also heard Ronnie Fraser had a fish from Orton on Monday. Ian Robertson fishing as a guest of the Gordon Group had one from Junction at Rothes. Arndilly have had a good week with three fish landed. I also heard that Easter Elchies had their first of the season on Thursday, though I have no more details. I also understand that Delagyle got their season started with an eighteen pounder from Pol McCree. There may be other fish caught that I have not heard about.



If anyone is unsure of how to gain access to the Spey, the Spey Fishery Board has a list of some of the Beats’ Websites on the Home Page. Fish Spey also has a list of beats and some availability. At this time of the year the Spey is much more accessible for single rod lets on a daily basis, however in the main part of the season most beats return to weekly or half week lets of the entire beat.

Can I please ask for anglers, gillies and proprietors or their agents to keep me informed, the Spey is a great place to be and we should be telling the whole world!



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