Week Commencing 15th April 2019

The forecast is for the week to start very warm then to cool off a little as the week progresses. There might be some rain mid week and again on some heavier rain on Saturday. The tides have peaked and there will no new water this week.


I saw my first swallow today, as the temperatures soared to over 20c I did wonder if summer had arrived?


Catches. I have reports of fish from Castle Grant to Gordon Castle.

Last week the North East Casting Club had their annual trip to the Spey, Neil Lobban sent me a report but too late to include last week.

29 rods fished Gordon Castle Estate, Craigellachie, Delagyle, Phones and Tulchan over 3 days.Didn’t appear to be many fish around despite the good water conditions but we did manage 5 salmon between 12-15lb and 1 sea trout. Neil Lobban had two fish and Ian Blyth had a 13lb from Phones Beat Knockando. Ben Thomson had a 13lb fish from Brae 3 and Chris Jones had a 13lb fish from Beat 5. Neil says, great fun and thanks to all the gillies for the excellent support once again.

Gordon Castle started and ended the week with fish, two on Monday and another two on Saturday.

Gordon Castle.


Orton though lightly fished also had four, thanks to Nigel Devine for the pictures.

Nigel Devine Orton.

Nigel again.


Delfur were into “double figures” thanks to Mark and his boys for the supply of photographs.

Dan Greenham Delfur.

Peter Minter Delfur.

Donnie Cameron Delfur.

Alister Thomson Delfur.

Rory Angel Delfur.

Rothes had a better week than of late, finishing in the mid-teens plus two large sea trout. Thanks to Mike and Robbie for keeping me updated.

David Saunders 81/2 Sea Trout Rothes.

David Casswell Sea trout Rothes.

Karen Reeve Rothes

Richard Doyle Rothes.

Arndilly continues their excellent start with ten landed, Tim Roberton had the best, a 17lb fish from the Piles. Richard Ford had four with three coming on Wednesday. Thanks to Euan for his pictures.

Keith with Tim Roberton 17lb Arndilly.

Richard Ford Arndilly

Richard Ford with Keith Arndilly.

Robert Shanks’ fish Arndilly.

Mike Cole’s fish Arndilly.

Aberlour Angling Club were seeing a lot of fish but could only catch one.

Jim Christie Aberlour Angling Club


Kinermony, Davy Brand told me they were seeing plenty offish but only had two on Monday, but had a few contacts.

George McKenzie Kinermony.


Wester Elchies also started the week well Iain Ogden, spelt correctly this week, had two both pictured. Par Palm’s party from Scandinavia had a fish as well and also four from Phones, Knockando, and tackle failure stopped them landing more!

Iain Ogden Wester Elchies

Iain Ogden Wester Elchies


Carron managed one, Ian Borthwick on hand as usual.

Ian Borthwick Carron.


Edwin Whyte had one from the Knockando Home Beat.

Edwin Whyte Knockando.

I was pleased to receive this picture from Tulchan D Beat.

John Teven Tulchan D. 41″ on a “TB Special Willie Gunn”!


Castle Grant Lionel tells me “they had a better week with a few more fish showing. Beat 1 finished with three. Beat 2 landed 2 but lost another 3. Beat 3 landed one and lost another two. We also had some fantastic sport with the hatch on, brown trout galore.”

Tim Anderson Castle Grant Beat 2

Martin Jamieson Castle Grant Beat 2.

Martin Jamieson Trout




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