Week Commencing 14th February 2011

There have been a few fish caught this week, all the beats below Craigellachie have now opened there 2011 accounts.

Mrs Anne Cameron from Inverness had an excellent day at Delfur on Wednesday with two fish from Holland Bush, looking at the other rivers websites, on Wednesday Anne was probably the most successful salmon angler in Britain!

On Thursday local Taxi owner Willie Roy had another from the same pool.  It was not till Saturday when Rothes got its first fish, modesty ought to forbid me naming the angler, but it was your faithful correspondent. A nice fish of about 10lbs from Junction.

I understand the beat above had their first on Friday. Easter Elchies had the only fish from the river last Saturday. Upper Arndilly is the top beat with at least six.

As usual at this time of year I will put up a couple of pictures to help inexperienced anglers to distinguish between fresh fish and kelts.

This year there seems to be a few more baggots and rawners about so I have included a picture of a baggot and a rawner.

Some salmon have been tagged by the fishery board, all the fish from the hatchery have been tagged with yellow floy tags and around thirty salmon from the Spey Dam area have been tagged with white floy tags. Please note the number and colour of the tag, and inform Steve or Bob at the fishery board. There is a small reward of a miniature of

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