Week Commencing 13th June 2011

Well I was wrong but in my defence it was the Met Office that issued the severe weather warning I was just passing it on, anyway the heavy rain fell to the North of the Great Glen, we had very little significant rain and the level remained unchanged! There might be some rain on Tuesday or Wednesday with it getting brighter towards the end of the week. Tides; there is no new water all week. Hopefully the fish will continue to enter the system and slowly make their way upstream.

Catches, once again information is hard to get, it is easier to get footballers’ names when they have super injunctions than find out what some beats are catching, and whilst I’m having a moan a few pictures would be nice! Email me at malcolm@speygillie.co.uk or text me 07967970704.

Alex Robertson sent me this picture of his fish from Brae Three Ian Tennant and Alex guessed it was just short of twenty pounds. I have no other information from the Gordon Castle Beats.

Upstream Delfur kept up their excellent season with just short of fifty fish landed. Rothes started the week well with five on Monday but were unable to sustain those figures; Mike Ewen tells me there are plenty of fish in the pools. I hear that a big fish was landed at Easter Elchies but all I have is rumour!

Craigellachie had a slow start to the week but finished strongly on Friday and Saturday just getting into double figures. Wester Elchies managed a dozen mostly from the Lower Beat, this takes them past one hundred for the season. I hear that Kinermony were around the same mark.

Carron started well with four on Monday including this first ever salmon for Italian Sam Pecorari who landed this fish within thirty minutes of starting, 20 minutes later he landed and returned his second ever salmon! Carron finished the week on ten a couple more than Laggan.

I hear the Simmons’s party had a great week at Knockando with fifteen by Friday evening. I have no other information till Grantown who had sixteen fish till Friday morning, mostly in the mid teens, the seatrout catches were a little slow or possibly it is just the returns that are slow coming in.

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