Week Commencing 13th July 2020

The weather forecast for next week is pretty changeable, there will be some rain, probably not enough, and some sunshine. It should be cooler, a drop in the water temperature ought to help the catches. The tides are still building till Thursday.



Most beats continued to pick away, there were still a few older salmon in the pools and some fresh grilse coming in. The water temperature was the biggest problem, coupled with the bright overheads.


Speymouth Angling Association were getting fish most tides. Brian Shaw sent me this picture of Toby Kirkwood, with a nice 6lb fish from Speymouth AA.

Toby Kirkwood Speymouth AA

Gordon Castle Beats had just over sixty for the week.

Orton slowed down as the week progressed.

Henry Mountain was relieved to make it to Delfur, he has had a fish every year for the last forty-five years, he doesn’t look old enough! ( Henry make the cheque out to me please)

Mills Mountain Hollenbush Delfur.

Henry Mountain Broom Delfur.

Aberlour, Kenny, tells me a couple of visitors had fish and Tim Betts had this grilse on Saturday evening.

Tim Betts Aberlour.

Wester Elchies, Kinermony and Carron all had around half a dozen each.

Fiona Brodie Carron.

Fiona Brodie Carron.

Laggan. James Bleany tells me they had four “first fish”. Fergus McMillan and Tom Williams with grilse from Macgregor’s, and Kitty Allinson from Millionaires. And finally James McMillan a grilse from Bridge.

Jamie McMillan Bridge Laggan.

Malx McMillan Big Griggle Laggan.

Kitty Allinson Millionaires Laggan.

Tom Williams McGregor’s

Fergus McMillan McGregor’s

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  1. Dinty leach at 9:22 pm

    Really good to see a crop of young fisherfolk

  2. Davie at 8:02 pm

    Brilliant nice selection of top quality fish wish l could be there

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