Week Commencing 13th February 2012

It has been a good week on the Spey; just about every day was fishable though the snow showers and rising water on Saturday afternoon were not conducive to fishing. Although I hear through the wonders of “Facebook” that Ewan Reid had nice fish of thirteen pounds from Brae Three on Saturday. Delfur managed five for the week, Portsoy angler Willie Mair started his season with this small fish from Sourden.

Earlier in the week John Grant had this six and a half pound seatrout from the same pool.

Upstream at Rothes Alistair Findlay had this fish from Town road taking the total for the week to three.

The two beats above also had their first fish of their seasons though they shun the publicity. Craigellachie had one on Thursday. I was lucky enough to catch Wester Elchies first of the season from the Boat Pool, another was caught on Friday from the Brock.

I have heard of nothing fresh from above, but I understand the fishing effort is limited.

Hopefully the positive start will continue next week, the cold weather should keep the water levels from rising too much and keep the fresh fish trundling in. Please handle the kelts with respect they have had a hard time repopulating the river for future years.

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