Week Commencing 12th September 2016

Well the weather forecast was reasonably accurate; the timings might have been slightly out, but not too much. Next week is pretty similar some days warm and sunny, the next cloudy and overcast. Temperatures remain around the mid teens with no sign of overnight frost! The tides peak overnight and there will be no new water all week.

Catches: The River has the end of season look about it, there are plenty of fish in all the pools, but they are hard to tempt into taking a fly.

Gordon Castle managed to stay in the mid thirties. Delfur had a relatively poor week failing to get into double figures, Mark tells me the fish were very dour.

Mike Weaver Delfur

Mike Weaver Delfur

Eric Waddle’s party managed nine from Rothes.

Arndilly were around the same finished with seven. Thanks to Charlie Harman for his pictures.

Charles Harman's fish Arndilly

Charles Harman’s fish Arndilly.

Not so fresh this time

Not so fresh this time

Craigellachie had three. Carron a couple.

Grantown got into double figures, the high water helping. The best was estimated at 23lbs  caught on a fly by John Davies from Tarric Mor.

Kinchurdy kept picking away and I am grateful for the pictures.

David Jones Kinchurdy

David Jones Kinchurdy.

Jimmy Jack, Norman Pool Kinchurdy

Jimmy Jack, Norman Pool Kinchurdy.

Avon, I was pleased to receive an Email from Ken Davies, “Malcolm I fished the Avon on Monday on beat one , had three salmon two at
10lbs one 12lbs , also hooked a big fish that just ran up the river , could not hold it and my nylon broke on a stone.”

Ken Davies Avon

Ken Davies Avon.

Ken Davies Again Avon

Ken Davies Again Avon

And Again Ken Davies Avon

And Again Ken Davies Avon.


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