Week Commencing 11th February 2014.

Well that is the first week of the season finished and all things considered the season has started well. To my knowledge there has been at least eleven fish caught, they may have been more as not all beats let me know what is happening.

The weather has been very changeable, on some days I was fishing happily in just my jumper the next I was freezing in all I could get on. Saturday was difficult as the overnight snow and rain brought the river up and the lower beats suffered from some turbidity, though those fishing at Craigellachie may beg to differ!

The forecast for the coming week is surprising mild for mid February, daytime temperatures around 5c with perhaps some precipitation on Friday. The tides peak on Tuesday.


Catches; I am pleased to report that the fish have been caught throughout the system, perhaps this will be the season when there is no mention of the bridge at Craigellachie.

Ian Gordon has promised me a picture of the fish netted by the beat gillie Lawrencehooked by Miss Betina Dieplinger on a Durris Shrimp from the famous Speanoch Pool. Ian tells me that his party of Germans really enjoyed their week and this fresh fish was the icing on the cake!

Further downstream, I was out walking my dogs at Carron when I bumped into Ian Borthwick fishing in Dalmonach, Ian kindly offered me a cast, and a few casts later he netted Carron’s first fish of the season for me. Great respect to Ian he managed to smile whilst I took the photos, I’m not sure I could smile if the positions were reversed.

Ian Borthwick Carron

Ian Borthwick Carron

Craigellachie had a fine day on Saturday with two fish landed. Dougie Ross was kind enough to send me this photograph.

Dougie Ross Boat Pool.

Dougie Ross Boat Pool.

I have reported already on the Opening Day fish caught at Arndilly. At Rothes the Gordon Group managed three for the week, Mel McDonald, Bob Hughes had a fish apiece on Wednesday and Thursday and Mike Glass landed this one pictured with Mike Ewan, many thanks to Mike Glass for sending me the photograph.

Mike Ewan Rothes

Mike Ewan Rothes

Interestingly, I think there is evidence of a lamprey mark just beside Mike’s left hand.

Delfur managed a second from Hollenbush on Friday, Brian Thomson from Milngavie landed the 10lber. Making his long day trip worthwhile.

Can I start this season with my usual plea for stories and photographs? The Spey is a special river and those lucky enough to work or fish on it ought to share their adventures with those less fortunate who are stuck in offices in towns and cities.


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