Week Begining 12th July 2010

I have just returned to Speyside from the south of England, I see the weather conditions up here were totally different from down there where the sun shone the entire time. The rain here has freshened up the river and it is looking in good shape for the rest of the week. I see there is some more rain forecast for the rest of the week; hopefully this will continue to encourage the fish to run.

Catches, I am a little short of information this week, but I hear Brian Reid’s party had twenty six for the week. Richard Found took to salmon fishing like a duck to water having four in two days, the best at 16lb hooked in Pettycoatlane but landed in Holly Bush.

Rothes managed to get into the mid teens but I have no other details. The low water conditions do not really suit Craigellachie but they still managed 5. Carron had three, Huston McCollough who landed the 36lber from Delfur earlier this year  returned to the Spey at Carron, unfortunately he did not catch a fish but managed a hole in one whilst playing golf!

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