Watch out for Fin-clipped Grilse

Since 2012 the Tommore Burn has been stocked by the Spey Fishery Board as mitigation for the impassable culvert under the Glenlivet Road. From 2013 onwards the salmon parr stocked in the burn have had their adipose fin removed for identification purposes.

In 2015 the first of these fish were recorded when 352 fin-clipped smolts were captured in the Tommore Burn trap. This is likely to be a minimum estimate of the number of fin-clipped fish as some would have left the burn the previous year as autumn parr. A year on, the first fin-clipped grilse are expected in 2016. Anglers are asked to assist with the monitoring of this project by looking out for fin-clipped grilse.

The photo below shows a fin-clipped grilse from the Lochy. This one was fairly obvious as the fin had been neatly removed but this was not the case with all the clipped fish; some only had the top of the fin cropped.

Close examination of the adipose fin on grilse this year and grilse plus salmon from next year on is recommended.   If a fin-clipped grilse is caught anglers are asked to photograph it and either report to the beat ghillie or to the Spey Fishery Board directly by email to  or by phone: 01340 810841.

6.5lb fin cliped grilse (2)

Left: 6.5 lb Fin-clipped grilse (Courtesy of JohnVeitch)

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  1. Peter Graham at 11:04 am

    Have any fin clipped fish been caught this year so far?

    • Brian Shaw at 4:11 pm

      Hi Peter, Two fin-clipped fish have been reported but both two sea winter (8lb and 11lb) therefore not from the Tommore stocking. Early days yet though.
      All the best, Brian

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