Tuesday 27th July 2010

Sorry this weeks report is a day or two late but I’m just back from the CLA Gamefair which was held in Warwickshire, the organizers seem to be keeping them in the south of England and not venturing north at all. The Speycasting event was won by Andrew Toft (Carron Rod & Case) who has featured a couple of times in my reports this season. Blair Banks the gillie on Brae 1 made a brief appearance on Sunday but the wind was against him and he was unable to qualify, it is a shame he could not be down when conditions were better earlier in the weekend, it would be nice to see a Spey gillie winning an international Spey Casting event.

It was a reasonable week apart from loosing two days due to high coloured water following the heavy rain on Tuesday evening.  This weeks forecast suggests there will be more heavy rain at the weekend. The tides are building all week which should hopefully keep the runs of fish coming.

Catches, Delfur had thirty-two for the week and considering they lost two days because of the high and coloured water, it was a respectable total. Mark tells me that the grilse out numbered salmon by two to one. He also told me that his daughter Molly had her first salmon on Saturday night having been given an evenings fishing by Mr N Mountain.

Craigellachie had another good week with thirty landed, Mr Frank Whitley 89 years young was again in among the fish.

Wester Elchies had 14, both Ed Sharply and Will Agnew both caught their first fish from Delene.  Upstream Mrs Gwyneth Jack had her first two fish from Carron with a grilse on Friday and a salmon on Saturday, the salmon was caught on a Carron rod and line a Carron fly and of course from the Carron Pool.  I have it on good authority that a pike was landed at Ballindalloch which normally would be one of the most unusual catches but I also heard that a sheep was hooked near Craigellachie but managed to free itself before being “landed”.

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