The Spey Catchment Initiative: Introduction

The Spey Catchment Initiative: Introduction

The Spey Catchment Initiative (SCI) was instigated in 2010 to take forward key actions from the Spey Catchment Management Plan (issued 2003). The plan sets out a broad strategic framework for the wise and sustainable use of the water resource, and for the protection and enhancement of the water quality and natural heritage within the River Spey catchment.

The key objectives for the SCI are:
• Demonstrate integrated catchment scale management by protecting and restoring natural features and characteristics of the Spey catchment
• Raise awareness and understanding of the whole river system and engage with stakeholders and communities within the catchment
• Further development of the Spey Catchment Initiative

The objectives are delivered through 4 priority themes as follows:

• Planting/safeguarding riparian woodlands and enhancing wetlands
• Demonstrating natural flood management techniques
• Understanding how the river works – Catchment Management Process
• Education, awareness raising & getting people involved in the catchment

Thanks to the support of the funding partners, a raft of projects are being progressed and delivered through the continued employment of the project officer. These include a catchment wide riparian audit, delivering a range of riparian enhancement and natural flood management sites, using these sites to educate and raise awareness of good practice and engaging with the land management community in holistic approaches to catchment management and development. Progress is also being made in developing a catchment wide study of natural river processes to better understand how the whole river system works.


For more information about the projects the Spey Catchment Initiative has undertaken, see the Spey Catchment Initiative Publications.



If you have any questions or comments please contact us:

SCI Project Officer
Penny Lawson

Mobile: 07909 533344

Operations Manager
Duncan Ferguson
Mobile: 07823 334747


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