Statutory Responsibilities

The Spey Fishery Board has the following Statutory Responsibilities:

  • Provide fisheries protection
  • Set Salmon rod fishery season (11th February – 30th September)
  • Set Sea Trout rod fishery season (15th March – 30th September)
  • Set weekly rod fishery close times (midnight Saturday – midnight Sunday)
  • Police the purchase and sale of illegally-caught or unseasonable fish
  • Ensure fish passage over obstructions to migration
  • Protect juvenile fish and spawning redds
  • Regulate the movement and introduction of adults, juveniles and ova

If you have any question or comments you can contact us at the following address or via the form on the contact page.

Spey Fishery Board Research Office
1 Nether Borlum,
AB38 7SD
Tel 01340 810841
Fax 01340 810842