Statutory ‘No Kill’ for Salmon before April

The Scottish Government announced new Statutory Measures which came into force on Friday 9 January 2015 to ensure that no salmon is taken in Scotland before 01 April each year.  Therefore anglers must release all Salmon back into the water before 1st April  to protect the early-running spring salmon. Full details can be found as follows:

Scottish Statutory Instruments 2014 No. 327

Policy Note: The Conservation of Salmon (Annual Close Time and Catch and Release) Regulations 2014 SSSI 2014/327

Scottish Government Q & A

The Spey Fishery Board are very grateful for the continued support by Anglers who responded well to the Spey Conservation Policy with a release rate in 2014 of 92%.  In order to protect the integrity of the Spey stock and to maximise their spawning potential, the Spey Fishery Board’s policy is that all fish caught up to and including the 31st May should be released alive.  See Spey Conservation Policy here.