Speyside Pub Owner, Joe Brandie, has died after serving for almost 60 years

The Spey Fishery Board were saddened to hear that “legendary” pub owner, Joe Brandie had passed away on the 24th September at the age of 88.  Joe ran the Fiddichside Inn, a small pub nestled beside the River Fiddich, just metres above the confluence with the River Spey with his wife, Dorothy, since 1959.

The Inn was previously run by Dorothy’s parents when they purchased it in 1919 and very little has changed except for an extension built in 1960 to add indoor toilets. His wife, Dorothy, was believed to be one of Scotland’s oldest publicans until she died at the age of 89 in 2009.  Joe’s only days off during his 58 years spent behind the bar at the Inn was when he took four days away to mourn the death of his wife in 2009.

Joe had hoped to run the Fiddichside Inn until 2019 when it would have been owned by the family for 100 years and he himself would have notched up 60 years.  Joe was a Cooper by trade but a back injury led to a career change and he became a ghillie on the Spey at Upper Arndilly, a job which he held for 27 years, whilst running the pub in the evenings.

Joe was very well known and liked on the river by the ghillies, visiting anglers and tourists from all over the world. He will be sadly missed by everyone in Craigellachie and the Speyside angling community.

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