Spey Opening 2019

Monday 11thFebruary, was bright and cold but not a bad day for the river’s opening. The  Spey unlike some of our neighbours has an open policy and everyone is welcome to the opening, it also is more generous to the salmon, pouring an entire bottle of Aberlour Whisky into the river, rather than a rather mean splash that some others use.

Last years Quaich winner Kevin James preformed to whisky pouring accompanied by piper Alan Sinclair. James (Jim) Walker of Walkers Shortbread was the guest of honour and welcomed everyone to the event. The Reverend Morris Smith blessed the river and the anglers.

A few pictures to give the feel of the event.

Roger Knight introducing the guests of honour.

Rev Morris Smith blessing the river and its anglers.

Guest of honour Jim Walker.

Kevin James pouring an entire bottle of Aberlour Whisky into the river.


This year there was a 24 lb salmon caught at Arndilly by Stuart Martin with Keith McLaren the accompanying gillie.


Photographs of the Prize giving

Jim Walker presenting Stuart Martin with the Anniversary Quaich

Stuart Martin with his Walker’s Hamper and Aberlour Whisky

Jim Walker presenting Keith McLaren with his shortbread and whisky.


Stuart Martin 24 lb Arndilly.


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