Spey mouth

I thought this was a lovely picture of the lower few miles of the Spey.

Spey mouth

Where the Spey meets the Moray Firth

No other large river in Scotland has such a natural course where it enters the sea. The river changes course here frequently, evidence of old channels can be seen across the photo. This part of the river was at one time where most of the river nets were located, although the netting took place as far upstream as Delfur. This is now angling water with Speymouth Angling Association in the foreground, Fochabers AA further upstream and the Quarry Pool in the distance, part of the Gordon Castle beat.

A fantastic untamed part of the river, the mobile gravels can form good spawning conditions. We did an electrofishing demo by the railway viaduct (centre of photo) last June and there were an abundance of salmon fry in the margins and the side channels of the main stem. The relatively stable river flows over the last year no doubt being a contributary factor to the high salmon fry numbers. Some of the 2012 fry will smolt this year; this is an area of the river capable of producing one year old smolts.

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  1. Dick (A.T.) Grove at 12:32 pm

    I have been looking up recent articles on the mouth of the Spey which I revisited briefly a couple of years ago. I see that a number of studies have been made since my own (published in the Scottish Geographical Magazine of 1955). I remember that the fisheries officer of the time at Aberlour was very helpful to me. We visited several distilleries together! Thanks for a splendid photograph.

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