Spey Foundation Publications

Spey Foundation Publications

The following documents are available to download.

Spey Foundation Annual Reports

The Spey Foundation Annual Report 2020 can be found here.


Spey Foundation Accounts

The Spey Foundation 2020 Accounts can be found here.

The Spey Foundation 2019 Accounts can be found here.

The Spey Foundation 2018 Accounts can be found here.

Spey Scientific Terms of Reference. Download here.

Spey Scientific Committee Membership as at 7th March 2018. Download here.

Electrofishing Team Demonstration Video – August 2017. Download here.

Spey Conservation Policy 2017

Fish Handling

A Guide to Best Practice Catch & Release – June 2017

Management plans

Spey Catchment Management Plan 2016

Spey FMP 2009-2014 01 09
Spey Economic Value Fisheries Research 96-259-266
Spey Biosecurity Plan Final Ver 1


Water Abstraction Presentation 28041

Fish surveys

Electrofishing surveys
Juvenile Survey Report 1994
Juvenile Survey Report 1992
Juvenile  Survey Report 1990
Spey Small Burn Electrofishing Survey
River Spey Juvenile Survey Report 1991

2012 Electrofishing Report

2013 Electrofishing Report

2014 Electrofishing Report

2015 Electrofishing Report

2016 Electrofishing Report

Fish counters
Acoustic Counter Report 01-2002

Spey Radio Tracking Report SFRR No50

Fiddich Parr Baum 2005
Spey scale report
Spey Lamprey Survey Phase3 Report 043
Seasonal variation spey rod recapture

River flows

Spey flows and spates 2015: an analysis of the incidence of extreme flows in the Spey, and their impacts.

Smolt trapping

Truim RST Report 2011
Truim RST Report 2010
Tromie RST Report 2011
Tromie RST Report 2009-2010
Spey RST Report-2008
Spey RST Report-2005-07

River Avon Smolt Trap 2014

Tommore Burn Smolt Trap 2015


Spey Genetics Hatchery RAFTS Conf-2011
Genetics Nikolic Paper 2009

Invasive non-native species

Non-native Survey Report 2004
Non-native Survey Report 2005
Ranunculus 1 year after removal: Report-2003

Lower Spey INNS Survey 2012


MFSTP Final Report


Eeel Report 2008
FRS Report 53 Fish Inverts Spey Dee
Catch and Release Tagging Poster 2000
Spey Angling Effort 1995 Report FRS Report 09-95
Spey Angling Effort 1992 Report FRS Report 11-93