The Spey Research Trust has recently been transformed in to the Spey Foundation, a Company Limited by Guarantee which still retains its charitable status and which has an enhanced remit.

Originally formed in the mid-1970’s, the Spey Research Trust operated as a Registered Charity since 1981. The Aim of the Trust was to advance the study of and research into Salmon and other fish species within the Spey Fishery. The Trust’s work has played a vital part in informing the Spey Fishery Board of developments within the river and helps to determine the Board’s approach to fishery management.

The Spey Foundation will continue all of this invaluable work and has the following remit:

A, Undertaking and promoting research and understanding of fish, aquatic wildlife and their habitats in the River Spey catchment and the Moray Firth, in order to advise and improve their conservation and management through liaison with fisheries managers, the local community, agencies and stakeholders
B, To advance the education and understanding of: aquatic ecosystems, including their fauna, flora and economic or social activity, and river catchment management; and the need for, and benefits of, protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of aquatic environments.
C, To monitor fish and other species specified under EU designations and legislation on behalf of governmental and quasi-governmental organisations.
D, To carry out work under contract from other District Fisheries Boards and other organisations for the conduct of fish surveys and Environmental Impact Assessments, as well as acting in an advisory capacity on a range of fishery matters.
E, To contribute to the management plans of neighbouring organisations under invitation from them or from any superior body.
F, Any other appropriate work.

The fundamental change from the Spey Research Trust’s operation is the remit to research all fish species, rather than just Salmon and Sea Trout. Additionally, the Spey Foundation’s remit allows it to become involved with all aquatic wildlife. This entitlement confers the option to deal with any aquatic species without implying any obligation to do so. Initially this is likely to involve invertebrate species, but could also expand into other species e.g. beavers in due course, should attempts be made to reintroduce such species to the Spey catchment.