Spey Fishery Board Publications

Administrator Job Vacancy

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Accounts 2020

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Annual Report 2020

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Board AGM Minute 7 February 2020

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Board Draft OPEN Minutes 20 November 2020

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Allt Lorgy Restoration Project

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River Calder Restoration 2020

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The Invertebrate fauna of the River Spey – Craig Macadam

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Spey Fishery Board Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

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Spey Fishery Board Accounts

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Spey Fishery Board Briefings

The below briefings have been produced by the Spey Fishery Board on the following topics:

Briefing on “Juvenile fish stocks in the River” can be viewed here.

Briefing on “Why and how the Spey Fishery Board do electro-fishing” can be viewed here.

Briefing on “Stocking and the use of hatcheries” can be viewed here.

A letter from SEPA, which acknowledges their appreciation for the Spey Fishery Boards’ electro-fishing can be found here.

Spey Fishery Board Broodstock Licence Application 2018

The papers which were submitted for the Spey Fishery Board Broodstock Licence 2018 can be found below:

The 2018 Broodstock Capture Licence Application and initial responses from SNH and Marine Scotland Science can be viewed here.

The formal SNH response in early October by way of advice to Marine Scotland Science, in the form of an extensive Habitats Regulations Appraisal and Appropriate Assessment can be viewed here.

The rejection of our 2018 Broodstock Capture Licence Application and Revised Application for a reduced quantity of broodstock can be viewed here.

Spey Fishery Board Meeting Papers 16th July 2018

The Spey Fishery Board held an Extraordinary Meeting on Monday 16th July to discuss a proposal from Tulchan Estate to re-open their hatchery to rear salmon smolts. This had been accompanied by a supporting petition which had been signed by the majority of the Ghillies. The Board’s decision that it could not proceed with the proposal, together with the launch of a new Action Plan outlining the initiatives it would be taking forwards, were subsequently presented to a meeting of Proprietors and Ghillies on Thursday 19th July 2018.

The papers which had been sent to the Board, together with the new Action Plan and the presentations made on 19th July can be found below:

Director’s Presentation

Biologist’s Presentation

SFB Action Plan July 2018

Iceland Trip Report 250618

Tay DSFB – FAQ on Smolt Stocking – David Summers

MSS Report on Smolt Stocking 2015

Jens Christian Holst Paper – Mackerel Predation


River Spey Catches by River Reach 2012 – 2016 Report here.



Each year the Board publishes a comprehensive Annual Report which outlines all the activities undertaken by the Board and the Research Trust. The most recent Annual Reports can be downloaded below:



The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Foundation also publish Briefings to outline their work on current projects and topics of general interest. These can be downloaded below: