Spey Fishery Board Meeting 5th Dec 2013

Spey Fishery Board Meeting, Thursday 5th December 2013


The next meeting of the Spey Fishery Board will take place at the Dowans Hotel, Dowans Road, Aberlour, AB38 9LS, at 9am on Thursday the 5th December 2013. Members of the public are invited to attend as observers, but are requested to give notice of their intention to attend so that appropriate seating can be arranged. This notice should be given to the Board’s Administrator, Sally Worsdall, by telephone on 01340-810841, or by email at admin@speyfisheryboard.com.

The Agenda for the meeting is below:


  1. Apologies


  1. Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th September 2013


  1. Matters Arising From Previous Minutes


  1. Compliance with the Aquaculture & Fisheries Act


    1. Declaration of Interests
    2. Complaints Procedure


  1. Director’s Report


  1. Spey Foundation Report


  1. Association of Salmon Fishery Boards


  1. Mixed Stock Fisheries


  1. Publicity


  1. AOCB


  1.  Date of 2014 Meetings


The following Agenda Items will also be considered by the Board at a private session of the Meeting.


  1. Additional Director’s Report


  1. Finance


  1.  AGM and Election of New Chairman