Spey Fisheries Action Plan consultation

Working in conjunction with the Spey Fishery Board and the Spey Catchment Initiative, the Spey Foundation has published a consultation document detailing priorities and  actions identified to maintain and protect the health of the River Spey and the fishery it supports. The Spey Foundation would welcome comments on the plan from any interested person or organisation prior to its formal adoption by the Foundation Committee. The plan can be downloaded by clicking here .

The Action Plan is short and focussed on actions that will maximise smolt production across the catchment. If you have any comments on the content of the plan we would be very pleased to hear from you, either by email to b.shaw@speyfisheryboard.com or via comments before the end of March 2014.

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  1. Henry Taylor at 8:23 pm

    Hi Brian,
    I see in this months issue (March 2014) of the Trout & Salmon Newsreel a member of the Tay Board mentioning (rather gleefully) that an announcement on “an application to SEPA to restore flow to the River Garry, which has been abstracted for nearly 80 years” is due at the end of March. No mention is made of where this water will come from….. The implication in the article is that Mr Salmond wholeheartedly supports this application.
    Am I right in my understanding that this restoration of the River Garry will be achieved via the diversion of water from the River Spey catchment?
    Kind regards,

    • Brian Shaw Author at 8:53 pm

      Hi Henry,
      SEPA have postponed two meetings about the Garry rewatering, one of which had been scheduled for tomorrow so we have to wait a little longer to hear what conclusions they have arrived at. SSE in their application proposed taking more water from both the Truim and the Tromie. Nobody is opposing the application to re-water the Garry, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the Spey. Even the Tay DSFB to their credit don’t support the abstraction of any more water from the Spey. There will be news on this issue soon hopefully. Another meeting with SEPA has been organised for next week but we are not holding our breath.
      No comments on the plan?

      • Henry Taylor at 9:51 pm

        Hi Brian,
        I think it is comprehensive and it is great to see. I would be intrigued to understand the projected impact of each one – specifically on extra smolt output? I appreciate that would be far from exact but in my view it would be interesting to see some assumptions and calculated outputs based on these.
        It is hugely positive that the Board are becoming so open about their priorities. It is also brilliant to have this portal as a place to air ones views and to debate – something you in particular should be congratulated for.

        • Brian Shaw Author at 2:58 pm

          Thanks for the feedback Henry. I like your point about smolt production, that would be straightforward for some projects, i.e. fish passes but more difficult for issues such as water quality. We will will consider your request during the finalisation of the plan.
          Tight lines

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