Spey Catch Declaration 2018

Spey Fishery Board Declare 2018 Catch

The Spey Fishery Board is now able to declare the River Spey’s catch for 2018. A total of 3,178 salmon and grilse were caught throughout the season, together with 1,830 sea trout.

In common with many other rivers across Scotland, this year has seen a particularly difficult salmon fishing season for visiting and local anglers on the Spey. The long, cold winter was followed by an exceptionally long and dry summer, which saw the River Spey drop to its lowest levels since the drought of 1976. This exacerbated the problems affecting the numbers of Atlantic salmon returning to the river and produced poor angling conditions. Rain arrived in mid-September, enabling better catches with which to end the season and although it has not been the worst year for grilse, it has resulted in the lowest annual salmon catch since records began in 1952.

Despite the difficult season, the Board has received strong support for its voluntary Conservation Policy, which this year saw the release of 98% of all salmon and grilse caught and 88% of all sea trout. These figures are up 2% and 6% respectively on the release rates of last year and are the highest to have been achieved so far. This is a significant success for a river as large as the Spey and the Board is most grateful to all of our Proprietors, Ghillies and Anglers for their continued staunch support for the policy.