Spey above Grantown

There are still many bits of the river I haven’t seen and with the weather turning out much better than forecast at the weekend I had a short but very pleasant walk along the left bank of the river above Grantown. This is the Strathspey Angling Association water. My main objective was to have a look at the famous Tarric Mor pool  which lies about one mile upstream of the A95 bridge. I had heard about and seen this pool referred to in a number of books on the Spey, including “Strathspey” by Alex Inkson McConnochie which was published in 1902. In it McConnachie mentions a pool at Auchernack from which a tenant had on a certain occasion landed “a haul not fewer than 220 fine fish“. The pool referred to is almost certainly Tarric Mor as it is a noted holding and angling pool.

Not many

Not many pools need the panoramic setting on the camera to capture the scene but the Tarric Mor does. This picture doesn’t do it justice, it is almost like a lochan on the main river.

The stream running into the Tarric Mor from the Lower Bend pool above is 40m wide and powerful at that river level. The stream gradually fans out and slows as its energy dissapates in the huge pool. The ability to cast a long line would surely be no disadvantage when fishing this fine stream. The bailiffs told me that the edge of the stream can be waded but the exit line has to be back up  the same route taken whilst fishing down; there is a deeper channel between the stream and the bank – err on the side of caution if fishing this pool for the first time.

The river level at the time of the visit was only about 1’5″ – the stream must be impressive at higher flows.

Tarris Mor is also known rathe unsentimentally as pool 12!

Tarric Mor is also known rather unsentimentally as pool 12!


Saddle Pool

The Saddle Pool, a big wide and slowish flowing part of the river.

Nice light over Craggan Sands pool

Nice light over Craggan Sands pool.

Full details of the Strathspey Angling Association water can be seen here .

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