Slowing the flow – Allt Lorgy radio coverage

In recent years the focus of flood management has shifted away from methods such as drainage and hard engineering; all designed to move floodwater downstream as quickly as possible. Now the emphasis is on measures to retain water in upland areas so that the peak flood flows in the downstream areas (where most of the population lives) are ameliorated. Natural flood prevention measures (removal of floodbanks, wetland creation etc) offer a different and more sustainable approach and are certainly receiving much attention as the implementation of the EU Flood Directive gathers pace.

Flood bank removal on the banks of the Lorgy

Flood bank removal on the banks of the Lorgy

The Spey Catchment Initiaitve project on the Allt Lorgy was developed with natural flood managment techniques in mind and recently featured in an excellent interview on the BBC 4 Farming Today programme. Listen here (from 3:20 to 7:12) to hear what Liz Henderson had to say about the Lorgy project.

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