SFFC diary

Angling diaries have traditionally been used by a small number of dedicated anglers to record their angling experiences. However, these diaries also provide Fisheries Biologists with a precious insight into fishing practices and the numbers and sizes of fish caught. If the diary has been kept over a long period of time then the data can be very valuable indeed.

Taking the traditional angling diary into the 21st century, The Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre (SFCC) has developed an online angling diary (www.anglingdiary.org.uk) which allows anglers to record their catches of freshwater, game and coarse fish in the UK. Utilising the benefits of the World Wide Web, the site allows anglers to record their catches online, instantly retrieve them, share them with other anglers and look at them on an interactive map. Pictures can also be added and there is also a blog with fishing reports for local areas. In return for all of these benefits, Trust Biologists will make use of diary records for their respective areas to better understand the fisheries that they are responsible for.

To find out more about the site or start entering your catches, please log on to www.anglingdiary.org.uk.