Scotland’s Wild Fisheries Review latest update

As I am sure most readers will be aware the Government has commissioned a review of freshwater Wild Fisheries in Scotland. The review, which is chaired by Andrew Thin, is already two months into its allotted six month timescale. The Chairman promised to keep everyone informed regarding progress of the review and true to his word the second monthly review has just been published. Click here to download the latest monthly update.

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  1. mark pattinson at 5:56 pm

    The Panel should have included more experienced anglers and gillies with knowledge of salmon angling at home and abroad. They should have taken evidence from Scottish and overseas river owners and managers who have succeeded in considerably increasing the return of salmon.

    I have given up fishing the Spey, due to the probability that there will be no salmon to be seen.

    The Scottish Government should accept that the salmon angler generates more Scottish revenue per person than any other visitor.
    Anglers will take their custom overseas where they are likely to catch at least one salmon per day , rather than less than one salmon in a week’s fishing.

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