Head lesions update

The results from the head lesions weekly monitoring are encouraging with a continued improvement evident. Almost 200 salmon were included (not all beats reported) and only 2 were classified as having head ulcers. Both of these fish were coloured but the ulcers showed no signs of fungal infection. 82% of all the salmon reported were unmarked with the majority of the remainder classed as having unusual marks on the head, but not lesions. Only one sea trout was reported as suffering from head ulcers.

Reports of moribund or dead fish were encouraging with numbers of both salmon (7) and sea trout (2) declining.

The average weight of the salmon reported was just under 10lb with 48% double figure or better. There was a distinct difference in the average weight of the sea trout with those from the upper river averaging 4lb, whilst in the lower river it was 2.75lb. The largest sea trout last week was 10lb from the Kinchurdy beat.

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