Opening week, 2016

The forecast for next week is to be bright on Monday with temperatures remaining low, but on Tuesday temperatures are expected to rise with some rain continuing into Wednesday morning, this rise in temperature coupled with the rain might bring the river up. Thursday will be colder but Friday warmer and wetter.

The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till Saturday.

Hopefully the mid week rise will not be too dirty and should help distribute the fish throughout the system.

I know a pheasant was around here somewhere.

I know a pheasant was around here somewhere.



The Spey is not renowned for huge catches on Opening week but starts slowly and builds momentum as the season progresses. I am happy to report that I have heard of five fish from the river but as not every estate reports its catches, there might be a couple more. Hopefully as the season progresses I will be kept up to date with everyone’s catch, anecdotes, and pictures of happy anglers.


Kelts seem to be in short supply, whether they have already left the river after the mild winter and relatively high water since Christmas, or are still hiding upstream only time will tell. Jimmy Michel from Grantown tells me they are getting a few kelts along with some rawners and baggots, but nothing fresh yet.


On Friday, Edwin Whyte had a 6lb fish from Orton. Mrs E Glass had one estimated to be around 6lbs from Burnmouth Rothes, it looks a good bit bigger in the photograph. On Saturday Marcus Valente, from Inverness, caught a 12lb from Sourden Delfur. I can probably say there have been more fresh fish than kelts landed at Delfur, there cannot be many years when a beat can claim that!

Mrs E Glass Burnmouth Rothes.

Mrs E Glass Burnmouth Rothes.

Marcus Valente Sourden Delfur

Marcus Valente Sourden Delfur.

Especially for Valentines day,

Lamprey mark,

Lamprey mark,not a lovebite!

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  1. David Barker at 10:55 am

    Thanks Malcolm, your reports are something to look forward to on a Monday Morning. Great photos as well. Hope to see you soon.
    Tight Lines

  2. olivier Devictor at 6:05 pm

    It is a pleasure to read again your reports illustrated with such splendid photos .
    Many thanks

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