Opening Day

Opening day pictures from Frances Brace a much better photographer than I am.

Ewan explains how fish need water!


Davey explains how this is a total waste!


But in it goes anyway.





Ewen tries to win a bottle for next year.



With the frivolities over the serious anglers got started and to my knowledge there were three fish from the river today. Anne Cameron had the first fish from Sourden on Delfur, assisted by gillie Grant Morrison. Ken Asher had the second from Arndilly and a third was also caught at Arndilly but rumours are hard to believe, I will tell the full story as soon as I get the true story!

In the mean time a few photos my thanks this time to Grant Morrison and Brian Shaw.

Anne Cameron


Going back IMAG0960And at the prize giving.



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  1. sarah cameron at 11:05 pm

    Well done mum 🙂

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