More main river spawning

I had a walk at lunchtime along the river today close to my house. Considering the concern about numbers of fish this year it was good to see reasonable numbers of redds with many fish still spawning. The availability of suitable spawning sites on the mainstem can be  limited in some areas so the good sites are often well used. A short clip of spawning in an excellent spawning side channel and a typical site at the tail of a pool on the inside bend of the main river can be seen here.

I also saw an otter kill on the riverbank, unfortunately the first I’ve seen this year. Some people froth at the mouth when they see an otter kill, for me this is one of the best signs, if there are enough fish spawning for the otters to get a few then everything is alright. It looks like this one had spawned already so no harm done at all.

A good sign, an otter kill

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